– the QA Programme

The QA Programme is a volunteer-driven Mentor Programme, sponsored by the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen. It is an idependent association that has its own board and member structure, which works closely together with the faculty’s Administration and Guidance Counselors, in order to ensure that new international students are properly welcomed.

The Programme has two main functions: to provide a structure for recruiting and facilitating activities for mentors and mentees at the faculty and also to provide events and activities that will offer the frame of an international study environment, accessible for all students at the Faculty of Humanities.

The QA Programme is funded by the Faculty of Humanities’ share of Extraordinary Study Environment Fund 2013 (Ekstraordinære Studiemiljøspulje), as set down by Rector Ralf Hemmingsen and the UCPH Board of Directors. The Programme was approved following a joint application from students and the Humanities Student Council (HUM-rådet).