2014-05-16 15.27.23The board of the QA Programme consists of a group of students from the Humanities Faculty at University of Copenhagen. As is stated in the association charter:

The board is responsible for the daily management of the association in between general assemblies, and is chosen by and among the members of the association, who are present at the general assembly.

On a day-to-day basis this means that the board is in charge of structuring the programme and creating a backbone for the programme to function around. Before each semester starts, we spend time preparing for the semester, pairing up the mentor groups, arranging the mentor workshop, as well as hosting the international dinner. During the semester we support mentors, mentees and volunteers in planning and organising events, while the whole board works with bigger events, such as the QA Cabin Trip.

About the association: The board follows the rules of the charter – Find it here – which is the backbone of the association. Above the board is only the members of the programme, present at our biannually general assembly. There board members are elected and changes to the charter can be made. That is the nature of a danish association. Inquiries and questions about the nature of the programme should be directed towards presidency@qaprogramme.dk or maybe be answered in the charter.

Do you want to join the board?

Being a part of the board will not only give you a lot of experience in teamwork and assuming roles of responsibility, but it also gives you a look into working in an association. The board encourages creativity and a fun work environment. It is an opportunity for you to take part and influence the international student environment at KUA, within a growing organisation with the resources to make it happen. Write us at any time to hear more.


The QA Programme was founded on 11 June 2013 when the first general assembly was held. The original seven members signed the charter, which continues to form the basis of the programme, and as a result thereof the QA Programme was born.

Before that, on the 22nd of February 2013, the associate dean of education, Jens Erik Mogensen, and the humanities student council approved of the initiative to revamp the then-functioning mentor programme.

This initiative was put forward by international student guidance counselor Michael Hockenhull – who served as the 1st Chair of the QA Programme for several semesters. Although he has now finished his degree, he is still a part of the board (as the vice-president). The idea was allotted 250.000,00 kr. and the mentor programme took its first step towards becoming the QA Programme.

In its short lifespan the QA Programme has maintained the interests of students from far and near, and continues its overall goal; to integrate the international study environment with the one that already exists at the Faculty of Humanities. It is furthermore to show that being an international student at the University of Copenhagen shouldn’t differ too much from being a Danish student.

In recent development, the QA Programme has been funded by the Faculty of Humanities with a total of 200.000 DKK until 2016. This is good news for not only the QA Programme but for the hundreds of international student who choose to spend one or more semesters in Copenhagen.

More importantly, it allows the QA Programme to retain its autonomy while still working hand-in-hand with the Faculty of Humanities and do what it does best: integrate the international study environment with the one that already exists, and organize events. In other words; the QA Programme is an organization that is driven by students, and is meant for students.

The QA Boards

Board fall 2018: Songxianshi Qiao, Signe Peluffo Svendsen, Helena Hirkic, Oliver Kristoffersen, Julie Buchwald Holm (2nd chair), Veronika Wolin, Sumaya Husain, Pernille W. J. Bohn (Treasurer), Ziggy Fromberg (1st chair), Anne Mette Wichmann Nielsen, Dorthea Westmann, Mia Lognnes and Oscar Dreyman


Board spring 2018: Megan de Luzio, Jens Kongsted (2nd chair), Mia Lognnes (1st chair), Dorthea Tind Westmann, Oscar Aguilar Lunga Dreymann, Pernille Bohn (Treasurer), Ziggy Fromberg (alternate to 2nd chair), Julie Buchwald Holm, Sumaya Husain, (absent: Rikke Mamsen, Qiao Songxianshi)


Board fall 2017: Christine Thomsen (1st chair), Pernille Bohn (Treasurer), Jens Kongsted (2nd chair), Magnus Rosenquist, Ziggy Fromberg, Victor Ferretti – (absent: Mia Lognnes (alternate to 1st chair), Rikke Mamsen, Megan de Luzio

Spring semester 2017: Sophia Colberg Olsen, Ismael Is, Mariya Alfa Staugaard, Pernille Bohn (treasurer), Christine Alexandra L. Thomsen (1st chair), Jens Kongsted, Carina Hallas Pedersen (2nd Chair). Not present, Mia Lognnes


Fall semester 2016: Avesta Farres, Christine Alexandra L. Thomsen (1st Chair), Mariya Alfa, Pernille Bohn (treasurer), Carina Hallas (2nd Chair), Jens Kongsted, Julie Buchwald



Spring Semester 2016: Jacob Balschmidt, Robert Fechete, Avesta Farres, Christine Alexandra L. Thomsen, Kasper Schiødt, Rasmus Yndt Bergmann, Julie H. Sørensen, 김인 (ZZ).



Fall Semester 2015: Tina Heide, Robert Fechete, Yasmin Michelle Linneman, Sheena Karn, Cecilie Agerlin Fuglsang, Rasmus Yndt Bergmann, Jacob Balschmidt, Cecilia Konradsen, Tom Fletcher, Stine (not in the board), Andrea Hetyesi, Julie H. Sørensen. Not Present: Magdalena Haman, Barbara Jeszenszky, Christine Alexandra L. Thomsen, Kasper Schiødt.


Fall semester 2014

Fall Semester 2014: Michael Hockenhull, Lene Kjeldsen, Sheena Karn, Jaqueline Schröter, David Gomes, Robert Fechete, Elisabeth Paul, Magdalena Haman, Christine Alexandra L. Thomsen, Kasper Schiødt, Christine Brun, Jacob Johansen, Cecilie Agerlin Fuglsang and Mathieu Trigatti.

group pic

Spring Semester 2014: Michael Hockenhull, Lene Kjeldsen, Sheen Karn, Rhina Svanberg Lindhøj, David Folting, David Gomes, David Christiansen, Robert Fechete, Elisabeth Paul, Mathieu Trigatti and Sanne Bergh.


Fall semester 2013: Azadeh Dehaghani, Sofie Eg Pedersen, Silvia Ghimbas, Irena Ducic, Mathieu Trigatti, Cecilie Agerlin Fuglsang, Michael Hockenhull, David Gomes, Michael Ning, Sheena Karn, Sofie Sommer Thomsen, David Folting, Rhina Svanberg Lindhøj, David Christiansen, Mette Sejersen, Lene Kjeldsen, Morten Lund, Sanne Bergh. Chihiro Aoyagi and Catherine Berg.