Become a mentor – A step towards becoming a better Humanities student

Want to improve your language skills? Want to learn about different cultures? Want to make friends from all over the world? Become a mentor!

A whole new worldDSCN2627[1]

When the international students arrive in Denmark, they have been preparing for their stay here for a long time.

It may be the start of your journey with them, but they have been on their way for a while. A lot of preparation and emotion has gone into their decision about studying abroad, and even though they have researched Denmark and its people, nothing will prepare them for actually being here.

That’s where you come in. Being a mentor in the QA Programme is about stepping into a new world; a world where cultures become fluid and your understanding of yourself and others change. It’s a world where culture shock lurks around every corner, and where it is just too easy for the international students to retreat and keep to themselves.

Being a mentor

The international students arrive in the beginning of August or January, depending on whether they are going to study in an autumn or spring semester. In the months leading to their arrival we recruit as many mentors as we can and then organise the mentors and international students (mentees) into mentor groups. The groups usually consist of 2-3 mentors and between 6-10 international students.

In these groups you and your fellow mentors will first of all be responsible for picking up the mentees in the airport, if they so wish. Apart from that you are expected to organise activities for your mentees. Activities can be anything from taking them to Mødestedet or our Lounge for a cup of coffee, showing them around Copenhagen, inviting them back to your place and serve them danish food, taking them to Tivoli, or whatever else you can think of. The main goal is for the mentees to feel welcome in Denmark.

MentorsAnd remember, you’re not alone! Not only do you have your co-mentors in your mentor group, but the whole QA network is here for you. When you become a mentor we’ll invite you to our facebook group where you can ask for help if you don’t have time to pick up your mentees in the airport or if you’re in doubt about something. You can also organise actitivies together with other mentor groups and invite people from the whole QA along.

The last requirement of you as a mentor, is that we want you to join in creating events. The international events are where you really get to feel like being part of an international community and where you get to be creative in helping making the international students feel at home in denmark. The events will give you skills in event planning and project management for all students at the Faculty and even the University! We have a group of partners and volunteers who will support you in creating international events and thereby boost your CV even more.

What’s in it for me?


Final day of the QA cabin trip to Pedersborg in the spring 2015

Being students at the Faculty of Humanities, we know that people are what’s important. What makes a culture? What makes a language? How do we broaden or weaken the boundaries between us and them? Being a part of the QA Programme helps you to become a better student of the Humanities. You will get to know about different cultures, different languages and most importantly, different people.

During the mentor workshops you will achieve intercultural knowledge and tools to help you become the mentor you want to be! You will work towards making the semester a better one for all students, both Danish and Internationals. You will form priceless friendships, an international network and gain invaluable experiences. Oh, and it doesn’t look bad on your CV either.

You can read more in the Mentor Handbook, here.

Mentor Contract

In the QA Programme we take mentoring seriously and treat it as a volunteer job. We therefore have a mentor contract that we ask all of our mentors to sign before starting. It will be presented at the mandatory interview or you can find it here.


We recruit mentors at the end of each semester, normally in November and December during the autumn semester and April and May during the spring semester. When applications are closed, you can sign up for a waiting list which will be posted outside of application periods, and be notified about when we are recruiting mentors again. You can also stay updated about the international study environment by liking us on facebook.


If you have any questions about becoming a mentor or the application process please send us an email on