Welcome to the QA group page, on this page you will be able to find people from all over the world who shares your interest and lives in and around Copenhagen. Each group is broadly themed; you can see the specific descriptions of each group below.

Joining a group does not mean that you have to partake in all the activities within the group, you are free to pick and choose whatever you like. Keep in mind, that the intention of these groups are to bring people of common interest together, but it is up to the people within the groups to come up with ideas and activities.

Within the groups you are all equal – so don’t hold back, chances are if you want to do something, a lot of others might want to join you. Someone just has to take the first step and start the process – if everyone puts in a little effort, it could result in a lot of fun.

When creating an event that requires sign -up, remember to keep our sign-up policy in mind


Being part of the QA Programme does have some perks, because we have some money that we want to spend on whatever you come up with. Do you need to go somewhere? We can help you pay for the transportation. Do you want to buy matching t-shirts for your running club? We can help you out! Do you want to go to the theatre? Sure, here are some greens. All in all, we will be happy to give whatever we can manage, to help make your ideas happen. We can’t promise that we can cover all the costs, but we hope that a little might be enough to get you started.

Here is how you go about getting money:

  • We do not fund individual trips or private events
  • Describe your idea in as much detail as possible
  • Remember to give an accurate estimate of the cost
  • Write a pitch of your idea and send it to treasury@qaprogramme.dk

The QA board will then review your idea and get back to you with an answer as soon as possible. Once approved, you will have to keep and give the receipts to the treasurer for a refund, as we need the receipts for book keeping. Remember that you will only receive the amount of money the QA board has approved.

That is all! Here are the groups that has been created so far. Enjoy!

*feel free to suggest a new  event group, just write qaprogramme@qaprogramme.dk

Sports & Activity Group (SAG)
Do you like to use your body? – well then let’s get physical. This group is for all those guys
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Volunteer Group
Do you want to get a look behind the scenes? Do you want to get your hands dirty? Then this
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Food & Culture Group
The food & culture group offers its members the chance to explore the cities of Denmark, and learn more about
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The literature and debate group
The literature & debate group offers its members the chance to read books or watch movies/documentaries and debate on these,
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