The QA Programme sign-up policy has been designed due to several occurrences of members signing up for events and then not attending on the day of the event.
This is quite unfortunate, as events in general are costly for the programme, and as the programme functions on a given budget, it cannot afford to waste any of this funding.
Many of the programme’s events are made free for its members, and we hope to continue making events that are affordable for all.

However, this will not be possible if this disregard to the programme’s efforts and budget continues. This lack of attendance after sign-up, is unfortunate, not only in terms of the budget, but also because it is a disregard for the people who have worked hard to make these events happen.

Furthermore, some of the programme’s events provides free dinners and lunches, which we order prior to an event based on the number of sign-ups. If the amount of people who attend such an event, is less than the number of people who signed up, we end up having to throw out a lot of food, which is just a waste of food.

Lastly, if the event only allows for a limited number of seats, someone else might be able to enjoy the event instead of you.

Please keep all of the above in mind when signing up for an event. We are of course aware that unexpected hindrances may occur, and we will not blame you for these. In any case, please try to inform the people in charge of the event, (this information is found on the event page on the programme’s website, here you will also find a phone numbers for the organisers) as well in advance as possible, thanks.

We really want to continue making great and affordable events for you!


QA Sign-up Policy

When signing up for any QA Event, please be aware of the following:

1. Sign-ups are binding, if you have signed up for a QA event, we expect you to participate unless a valid

reason from abstaining from the event is provided

2. If you are unable to attend an event after having signed up, a notice of minimum 48 hours must be

given via the QAprogramme email:

2.1. If the event takes place on a Saturday or Sunday, the notice must be given no later than the last

Thursday prior to the event.

2.2. In case of illness, sudden call to work, or other immediate reason to not attend, please email the

programme if possible, so that the event responsible are not waiting only for you.

2.2.1. This notice might also make it possible for someone else to participate in the event

3. Failure to attend two events that you have signed up for, without having giving proper notion, will lead

to exclusion from further events

4. It is not permitted to simply pass on your spot at an event to a friend

4.1. There might be waiting lists to the events, so if a spot opens up it goes to the people on that list

5. It is not permitted to invite people who have not signed up for a given event

5.1. This also applies if you hear that someone else will not attend an event after all

5.2. It is of course perfectly fine to email the programme and ask if you and a friend can trade places,

however, it is not always certain that this is possible as there might be waiting lists

6. Make sure you always check with the board or the people in charge of an event before you invite

someone along

7. Please inform the organisers of an event if you are obliged to arrive late, or leave early, as they might

be waiting for you

8. In case of emergency at an event always inform the organiser, so that they can help contact the proper



Thank you for reading and abiding by the sign-up policy!


The QA Bboard

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