Want to learn a new language or improve one that you already know? Then the Language Tandem Programme is for you!

As part of making the international study environment an integrated part of the study environment at UCPH, the QA Board arranges a Tandem Programme every semester.

The Language Tandem Programme is meant for students who may have picked up a language while travelling; for people who think that a given language sounds interesting; for someone who learned it in school, but has then forgotten most of it; or people who basically enjoy speaking a specific language and interacting with people face to face.

In short: if you like languages and wish to engage in an informal and cosy exchange of languages, then you should consider signing up for the Tandem Programme.

How does it work?  

Based on your language preference, the coordinators will pair you up two and two, granted that the coordinators can find a match for your language preference. The QA Board will host an information meeting on October 1st at 4:15pm in 15A.0.13 at KUA2, where you can get tips and tricks for starting your exchange of languages. Such information includes:

  • What conversational topics to discuss
  • Where to meet up
  • How frequently you should meet
  • Adjusting your language “levels” to one another
  • How to make sure you both benefit from exchanging languages

Feedback and awards  

Since its beginning the Language Tandem Exchange Programme has had well over a 100 participants per semester, with around a dozen languages flowing between the pairs. In particular, Chinese, German, English, French and Japanese being the more popular choices.

In June 2014, the Language Tandem Exchange Programme was furthermore awarded a grant of 10.000 DKK from Academic Books. The feedback given by participants, combined with our grant, has given us more incentive to continue to improve the experience of the Tandem Programme.

Want to be part of it or making it even better? We are always looking for volunteers to help shape and expand the international environment at KUA, just drop us an email at qaprogramme@qaprogramme.dk

Note that by applying you consent to your name and email being visible to other Tandem Participants.
This is done in order for your Tandem partner to get in touch with you.

Application is now closed.