CIMG1866Your stay in Denmark is our priority

Congratulations! You’ve made the amazing decision about coming to Denmark to study. We know, however, that the time before coming here is stressful and that a lot of feelings and expectations occupy your mind. Thoughts like “What if my classes are too hard? What if I don’t get along with other people? What if I don’t belong?” are all too common, and the QA Programme is here to help.

Making your stay easier

Going abroad is not just about studying. It’s about pushing boundaries, experiencing a different part of the world, but most of all, it’s about getting to know new people and maybe even making new friends. This is where the QA Programme can help you. We organise social and cultural events which are designed to introduce you to Denmark and Danish culture as well as academic events which will help you improve your study skills and introduce you to the Danish university tradition.

Your family in Denmark

If you sign up for a mentor group with the QA Programme, you will be joined by students from all parts of the world. A mentor group usually consists of 6-9 mentees (you!) and 2-3 mentors, with bigger groups in the autumn semester. Some mentors are Danish and some are international students who have been in Denmark for a semester or more. They in particular will know exactly what you are going through when coming to Denmark. The mentors are volunteer students from the Faculty of Humanities that are interested in being part of and contributing to an international study environment. Our mentors receive thorough training in dealing with cultural differences and culture shock and will of course help you in any way they can. Your mentor group and the QA Programme will serve as your family in Denmark. The group will usually organize small get-togethers and mentors will make sure that you, as a mentee, get the best possible start to your stay in Denmark. Whether it be problems of an academic or social nature, we can help you in the right direction, and make your stay in Denmark a bit easier.

You will typically be contacted by your mentor group before arriving in Denmark so make sure the e-mail address given upon registering for the QA Programme is accurate and that you check it regularly.

Be part of a diverse and entertaining study environment!

The programme welcomes international students and aims at making them part of the local international student environment. With a focus on student organised events, mentees are invited to follow their interests and get to know Danes and other international students through making activities together. We aim at making every event open to all QA members.