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Everyone who is a student at University of Copenhagen, faculty of humanity
YES! People from outside of Copenhagen knows how confusing the city can be and can relate to the mentees.
No you don’t need to be an expert. A lot of the questions the mentees have is where to shop, do we have a cinema, how to take the train. If your mentee has a question that neither you or your co-mentor can answer you’re welcome to direct them to the QA Board.
Being a mentor is very flexible, there is no “you have to spend 5 hours pr. week”. As long as you once in a while make a small event/come together for your mentees and answers their question, you’re good to go.
No problem. The only language we expect you to speak is English. If you at the same time speaks Russian, French, Zulu or Inuit , it will only be a plus!
Yes. Even more if you participate in the bigger events that QA are responsible for
Yes. All you do is wish for it in the application
You can ask your co-mentor to take notes for you and keep you up to date. But no, you’ll still be a mentor welcome in the programme
It does not have to be big, fancy or expensive. It can be get an ice cream by the sea, a beer in Kongens Have or a walking tour in your favorite city part!
You’re a volunteer (= no pay) who helps international students during their semester in Copenhagen. Their first friend in a foreign country.
No one expect you to know everything! And if your mentee has a question or issue that you can’t answer you’re more than welcome to refer them to the QA board:
No. Everyone is welcome to join. No prior experiences are needed.