What is the Happiness Projekt?

The Happiness Projekt is a campaign designed to help relieve stress, and spread happiness, amongst students at the Faculty of Humanities of Copenhagen University. Thus bettering the student environment.

The campaign is all about fun, smiles, and happiness.

This is an opportunity for students to put down the stress and just enjoy life, through a series of big and small events.

Throughout a period of 6 to 12 months, the campaign will launch a series of events focused on stress relief and happiness.

All of the events are targeted to students of KUA, but are open for everyone who wishes to join.

The Happiness Projekt is primarily managed by Christine Thomsen from the QA Programme.

Who Can Join?

If you are a student and a parent, then bring your kids.
If family or friends are visiting, then bring them along; the more the merrier.

Ideas for events are more than welcomed, and can be pitched via this very Facebook page.

We hope for as many as possible to join our campaign, and everyone is welcome to pitch ideas, and help organise events.

How to join

Join our Facebook to keep updated on events, pitch ideas etc.


The Happiness Projekt works closely with Studenterhuset and QA Programme.


This campaign is 100% bro bono, and no organisers receive any kind of payment, fee etc.

Though the Happiness Projekt is linked to the QA Programme, is it not managed by the QA Programme, and all contact should be handled via the Facebook page or email at happinessprojekt@qaprogramme.dk

The campaign, the Facebook page, and events are all handled in English. This is partly because the owner of the original idea is Australian, and because KUA houses a wide range of international students, and we musn’t leave them out.

Up-coming events

January 28th: Happiness info cafe 
February 18th: Happiness Music Cafe
March 12th: Happiness Arts & Crafts 
March 18th: Happiness Dance
April 8th: Happiness Explanation Day 
April 22nd: Happiness Cupcake Day
May 26th: Happiness Open Air Day