On this page, you can sign up to volunteer during the orientation period of the 2020 spring semester. There are four things you can sign up for:

  • Giving a campus tour to the international students. The tours of Southern Campus at the University of Copenhagen will be held 29 January. We will meet at 10.00 and take the tour together before we give it to the international students later in groups of two guides.
  • Helping setting up for the Orientation Dinner. The Orientation Dinner will be held 7 February. We will meet at 15.00 and prepare set up for the dinner. Preparation will include decorating the room and making welcome drinks.
  • Taking a bar shift during the Orientation Dinner, which will be held 7 February. During the dinner, you will have one one-hour shift with one or more other volunteers.
  • Helping cleaning up after the Orientation Dinner, which will be held 7 February. After the dinner, you will help cleaning up the dining hall. This will include sweeping the floor, moving furniture and taking down decorations.

You will get a drink voucher for Studenterhuset for each event you volunteer at! One if you volunteer at the campus tour, and one if you volunteer for one or more things at the Orientation Dinner.